Everything we do is in the interest of improving the health of the people we work with and the people my clients support. We also hope/intend to reduce the stigma/shame associated with suffering stress and mental health problems. The reality is that we all suffer, just in different ways and often for different reasons.


Our values and ethics are similar to those on this downloadable pdf: values and ethics.


We provide staff training that helps to clarify the information clients need for recovery and wellbeing. On each course we provide the traditional views (the memes) and present alternative views (the counter-memes). We can say what worked for us, what worked for people we have met and what is working for many around the world. This provides course participants with information needed for making informed choices.


Terms and Conditions : General terms and conditions from 2012 onwards


Training courses can be at your place of work or we can arrange training facilities to match your requirements. Each course can be tailored to your needs. For example: A course such as Food & Mood for you could if you wish have a standard set of while having new/unique workshop activities designed with your clients in mind.


Tailored support is available where we can meet with small groups of employees to answer questions and discuss anything to do with moods in greater depth than is possible in a larger group.

This is different from counselling as the objective is to equip staff with understanding others moods - often through a better understanding of their own feelings.



On this page I say 'we' because I am working with other authors, researchers and trainers who are working to the same values and ethics and have similar goals. Where a trainer I know can provide better training in your chosen subject than I can at that time, then I will put you in touch with that trainer.


Roger Smith 2012 onwards