Food and Mood Courses

Food and drink influence our mood - all the time everyday.


We help you to see food and drink not just as sustenance or sources of short term pleasure. With a clearer view of many food mood links you gain opportunities to change eating habits reducing the stress on our minds and bodies. In the longer term eating food that is good for the mood is good for physical health too.


One day of training allows the study of much of this vast subject of food and mood, while short workshops are also popular.


We help you understand why people choose the foods they do and how we can all be choosing foods that allow us to feel mentally and physically healthier.


Food and drink choices are influenced by: nutrition, taste, aromas, who we eat with, social and less social drinking, additives (some being mostly OK and some that are clearly doing harm), freshness, how we cook, where we eat, when we don't have time to chew, our sensitivities, intolerances, allergies, body image, quick energy/slow energy needs... and a whole lot more.


As well as Food and Mood workshops we work with organizations such as the Optimum Nutrition Institute to provide more formal training in Nutrition and Mental Health.



Vitamins to fight depression

The vitamins in green beans 'go off' when the beans are kept at room temperature?

Can you name one of these vitamins in green beans?

Minerals for a healthy heart

Lowering your salt (sodium) intake does not necessarily make you healthier.

It is at least as important to get the right balance of sodium and potassium.

Which contains more potassium - The 4 bananas or this bowl of cherry-plums?

Healthier fats and oils

Sunflower seeds are high in one type of 'healthy' fatty acid.

Is it 'omega-3', 'omega-6', or 'omega-9'?

Growing your own vegetables for fun

Growing plants is one of the few things proved to improve mood for everyone everywhere.

Do you remember the first time you planted a seed and saw it grow?

Growing your own vegetables to improve your environment

Having a herb garden (maybe in a window box) is good for bees.

What is this herb that is especially attractive to bees?

Colourful foods can be especially good for us
Food-mood workshop

We often hear about tomatoes containing lycopene.

But what is lycopene and how what are its health benefits?


Appropriate to: Anyone working or volunteering in a Health and Social Care role, people who are affected by mood disorder and those in caring roles.


This training contributes to underpinning knowledge for Qualification Credit Framework QCF, Continuing Professional Development CPD and Knowledge and Skills Framework KSF (Health)

This course can be varied according to your requirements... let me know at time of booking if emphasis is required on any of these sections: emotional support, diagnosis, medication, recovery, therapy, planning or any other aspects of mood disorders.


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