Resilience to Stress

Roger is a member of the International Stress Management Association providing training in the UK.


This is a list of some of the many workshops/activities that can be included in training sessions tailored for you:


We would like to start by sharing...

° What we know about pressure, stress and relaxation

° Warning signs and when action is needed

° How diet, exercise, relaxation, posture and much more all influence our mood and our wellbeing

° A really simple idea or two that make a big difference

° Simple healthy thinking

° Ways to avoid or tackle extreme anxiety

° How a little more assertiveness and confidence helps

° An introduction to Mood Mapping

° Using Mood Mapping to choose your moods

° Causes of anxiety

° Short term reactions to anxiety

° Tackling acute anxiety/panic attacks

° Why different people react so differently

° Why we can rarely be completely free from anxiety

° Avoidance of anxiety related disorders/illness

° Long-term coping mechanisms

° Drugs that increase/decrease anxiety

° Finding out whether anxiety is driving perceived schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

° Ways to experience less anxiety and react better when anxiety returns

° Risks for people who do not experience enough anxiety

° Benefits from recognizing/dealing with everyday anxiety

° Relationships creating anxiety and relationships that reduce anxiety
° Managing anxiety so you can achieve your goals



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