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Rethinking or Sharing?


Rethinking Bipolar: I continue to develop my blog/information site at for those wanting to recover and leave bipolar disorder behind with minimal use of psychiatric drugs.


Rethinking Health Ltd was a social enterprise I set up in 2012 to help those who had been through severe health troubles to share their knowledge. This led to work for Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation (NHS) Trust some of which can be seen at It turned out Rethinking Health was not a great name for what my colleagues and I were doing with wellness groups and helping anyone at all to share their knowledge of health, wellbeing, wellness...


This learning has eventually led to SHARE Wellness and my newest website (still early days, as of April 2018) that is becoming increasingly reflective of what I want to be doing, in my 7th decade! Yes, I am older than I look and that picture above is from 10 years ago. To find out what I am doing now and over the next few weeks please visit:


Why 'not-for-profit'?

After 25 or so years as an employee of some very big businesses, I set up my own successful training business in 2005, leaving my last full-time employment in 2006. I made more than enough money to live on, yet felt I was failing society, as the number of people I could reach was limited by the health industry not wanting to pay for prevention of illness. Both Rethinking projects were set up as 'not-for-profit', funded by me and with any surplus money going back in to help those who felt unable to pay.


As I will have established a fresh source of steady income, from other work I am doing at this time (April 2018), I am also making SHARE Wellness 'not-for-profit', with all money coming in used to maintain and expland this new enterprise.


As well as sharing and encouraging others to share about how to stay well and prosper in a changing world, I am working with like-minded people to develop more small Wellness Groups... [A link to an example to go here]


Some background about me:

I was responsible for the quality assurance of ingredients supplied to a multi-national food manufacturer. After moving house in 1997 I was suffering from stress and not sleeping, I had an interview with a psychiatrist who prescribed psychiatric drugs. I became a heavily sedated psychiatric patient. By summer 1999 I was back working full-time although told I would need psychiatric drugs for life. 

At weekends I studied aspects of mental health and started to teach self-management of mood disorders for a charity from Autumn 2002.


In 2004 I had my first book published and created my first web site:

By 2006 I was facilitating a Wellness Group and invited Dr Liz Miller to give a talk. Meeting Dr Liz helped me to realize I could work towards a life free of the psychiatric drugs and that I did not need a psychiatric label.
Gradually coming off the psychiatric drugs I lost weight and I returned to being something like I was before the psychiatric intervention.

I am passionate about helping others avoid the kind of troubles I experienced and now teach health professionals about:

> Mood and the bipolar diagnosis 
> Mood Management, Recovery and Wellbeing
> Food and Mood / Mental Health and Nutrition
> WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Planning

These courses are described at and can be booked through

I want to help:

> people to avoid/escape unnecessary psychiatric labeling. 
> doctors to link symptoms with causes so that psychiatric drug use can be minimised. 

First Book: Stop Paddling/Start Sailing 2004


Second book: Bipolar Disorder - A guide for mental health professionals, carers and those who live with it

Authors: Danny Walsh and Roger Smith

ISBN: 9781908066152

Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media - 350 pages

Publication: 02 January 2012

The handbook is divided into four sections:

Section 1 Theories and approaches behind bipolar disorder

Section 2 In-patient/acute care

Section 3 Bipolar in the community

Section 4 Related conditions and conclusions

Available from Pavilion Publishing


This second book is great for explaining bipolar disorder, yet it became frustrating for me as there was too little rethinking and too much acceptance of the terrible consequences of not eliminating the disorder. I set up Rethinking Bipolar to help prevent millions more people being harmed by unnecessary diagnosis of bipolar disorder and other psychiatric labels. Extreme emotions are usually caused by extreme emotional distress and exacerbated by physical health conditions. Bipolar diagnosis does not have to be a life sentence – people recover – I have recovered. Find out more from


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